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What is myPAWS?

My Personal degree Audit Web System is an automated record reflecting a student's academic progress toward degree completion in his/her declared major. Each degree Audit is a specific degree program containing the requirements and sub-sections within those requirements necessary to complete the designated degree program.
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What is a Requirement?

At the top of the audit is a summary of all degree requirements. One can easily skip to look at a requirement by clicking on the red-boxed arrow to the left of the requirement title. Once at the requirement level, there can be just a few courses that need to be taken or several sub-sections within it that all need to be completed. Sometimes, when a student is able to choose a specific concentration or interest, requirements or sub-sections are "OR'd" which allows them to take only one of those "or'd" groups.
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Header Information
  • Program Code: This is the degree code that the audit was run under.
  • Catalog Year: This is the official year in which you entered the program and binds you to the requirements set forth in that year.

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Appearance of Courses

  • The course taken (whether it be quarter or semester) will appear on the left under the requirement title and instructions
  • If more than one quarter course was used to equal a semester course number, a " + " will appear beside it. (See symbols next to courses)
  • The title of the course pulled from the student's mainframe record - be it quarter or semester course taken - is to the right of the grade.
  • If it is a quarter course, the title of the first (or only) quarter course will appear to the right of the grade. If there are multiple quarter courses comprising the semester course number, a " ++ " will appear to the right of the title indicating that there are more titles that could not fit into the space provided.

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Minors and Double Majors

Currently, minors and double majors need to be run separately from each other to check progress.

Unfamiliar Grade

Weighted Average
When two or more quarter courses with different grades are used to make up an NU semester course. The GPA and points are still used, but they are hidden in the background since only one grade can be shown.
This is a course that is either in progress or registered in a future term.
NU doesn't transfer grades or GPA from outside institutions, so all outside transfer courses are represented by a "T".
Not Enrolled
A course for which a student is registered but has not attended. This is not calculated into the GPA.
Not Recorded
A course for which a grade sheet has been run but no grade has been received.
Pending Grade
For the few weeks in between the time that grade sheets are printed, sent to professors, and then sent back to the registrar's office for processing, a placeholder is put into the grade slot. It is not recognized as a true grade and thus produces a "Z". If you are seeing a Z for a course from past terms, it usually means that the placeholder is still there and a grade hasn't been submitted. Check with the registrar's office or your professor.
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Requirement Status
on the Left Side of Audit

Requirement is Complete
The entire requirement from line to line with all of its sub-sections has been satisfied.
Requirement Not Complete
At least one of the requirement's sub-sections has not been complete. Look for a "-" sign on the left within the requirement.
In Progress
The requirement will be satisfied as long as a course that is in progress or registered for a future term has been completed successfully.
A sub-section within a larger requirement has been satisfied. All sub-sections within the requirement must have a "+" to complete the requirement.
A sub-section within a larger requirement has not been satisfied. Sub-sections with a "-" are what is stopping a requirement from being "OK".
Choose the previous requirement OR this one
When there are different ways to fulfill a requirement, all of the choices will be or'd. Any course that can be accepted will fall in even if the same course is acceptable in more than one or'd category.
No Longer Applicable
Once one "OR" category has been satisfied, the others are no longer needed and thus get an "NA".
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Symbols Next to Courses/Titles

More Course Info
When directly to the left of a course, a "+" signifies that there is more information, most likely another course that has been used in conjunction with this one to make up the NU semester number.
More Title Info
Usually to the right of a title, it indicates that there another title that cannot be shown due to space limitation.
Specifies a repeatable course number that has been taken more than once (i.e. music ensemble, topics course, etc.)
When allowed to choose multiple courses, a course or two may be required within the course list.
A course that has been repeated and replaces the credit and GPA of the first occurrence.
Duplicate Course
The first occurrence of a course that has been repeated and has thus lost its credit and GPA weight in favor of the second occurrence.
In Progress
A course in which you are currently enrolled.
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Course Lists

Not From
Courses that will NOT be accepted into that section
BIOU (or BIOU***)
Any Biology course
Any undergraduate course
Ranges (CHMU300 to 499)
Take any chemistry course within that course number range
Once the course has been taken, its number disappears from the course list and only appears with the courses taken. If there are no more choices to make, the list may disappear.
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