Audit FAQ's


What is myPAWS?
My Personal degree Audit Web System is an interactive review of a student's academic progress toward degree completion in his/her declared major. Each degree Audit is a specific degree program containing the requirements and sub-sections within those requirements necessary to complete the program.

What is a requirement?
At the top of the audit is a summary of all degree requirements. One can easily skip to look at a requirement by clicking on the red-boxed arrow to the left of the requirement title. Once at the requirement level, there can be just a few courses that need to be taken or several sub-sections within it that all need to be completed. If a student is able to choose a specific concentration or interest, requirements or sub-sections are "OR'd" which allows them to take only one of those "or'd" groups.

What is my Catalog Year?
This defaults to the catalog of the academic year in which you entered. The date uses the second half of the academic year (e.g. 2004 from the 2003-2004 academic year).

Why doesn't my course appear where it should?
Your advisor can help determine why it falls where it does and move it if appropriate.

Where is my transfer information?
Currently, transfer courses accepted into the university are broken up by course and the credit applying toward your degree. The course will appear with 0.00 credits and a transfer grade (T) either as a Northeastern equivalent course number or as a generic Northeastern number. Equivalent courses should fall into requirements just as a regular Northeastern course would. The credit from each time you transferred in course work will appear under the Additional Course Information section, note that any credit transferred during quarters are converted to semester hours.

Why is my grade still IP, I, RG?
Grades are updated from the mainframe overnight, so the audit won't reflect any immediate grade changes. If it is a course for which you expect a grade to be in, check with the registrar's office or your professor.

What is a Z grade?
For the few weeks in between the time that grade sheets are printed, sent to professors, and then sent back to the registrar's office for processing, a placeholder is put into the grade slot. It is not recognized as a true grade and thus produces a "Z". If you are seeing a Z for a course from past terms, it usually means that the placeholder is still there and a grade hasn't been submitted. Check with the registrar's office or your professor.

Why aren't my What-If courses appearing?

  • Make sure that you remember to click the Include What-If Courses box below Catalog Year on the Audit Request page.
  • Another possibility is that the What-If Course that you created didn't save correctly. All fields except the Memo need to be filled out. Make sure that you are putting valid grades in the grade field and a numeric credit under 12.0 in the credit field.
  • If it's still not showing up where you expect it, do a FIND (under the EDIT menu on your browser). It may be showing up somewhere else.I know I got a grade in that course.

What if my degree program is defaulting to the wrong major?
Consult your college's dean's office.

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