myNEU Terms of Use
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Terms of Use for Parent/Guardian Accounts

Use of myNEU services is subject to the terms of the Northeastern University Appropriate Use Policy for Computer and Network Resources. This policy is available online.

Understanding FERPA

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) dictates that only the student may grant access to their information. Your request will be sent directly to them. The University cannot influence the decision they make in exercising one of the following options.
  • Grant access to the services listed below
  • Deny access to the services below
The services currently provided are:
  • Student Bill
    • Charges and Credits
    • Activity Since Last Bill
  • Registrar
    • Transcript
By creating a Portal account, you will have access to general news and information.

By accepting these terms and submitting an access request, you agree that you have a legitimate need to view this information and are acting in the best interest of the student.

How to Register Your Choice

To accept myNEU services, click the "Accept" button. By clicking this button, you agree to accept the services described above, and to use them in compliance with the Appropriate Use Policy.

To decline myNEU services, click the "Decline" button. By clicking this button, you decline any services offered through myNEU.

Any questions? Please e-mail or phone 617-373-4357(HELP).