NU Part-time Faculty, Alumni, Contractor and Vendor Parking Application

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Use of Parking Permits

All vehicles being used by part-time faculty, contractors or vendors must display a valid parking permit in order to park on University property. Vehicles must be parked in appropriately designated areas. Please be aware that parking is limited. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee parking will be available. Parking permits are intended for the use of current faculty, contractors, and vendors. Permits become invalid upon termination of employment/contract.

Part-time faculty, contractors, and vendors receive transferable permits. These permits are intended for the registrant's convenience and use, and are not intended for use on a vehicle not occupied by the registrant. Inappropriate use may result in the confiscation of the permit and the loss of parking privileges.

If you have questions regarding proper parking procedures or areas, contact the Parking Office at 617-373-7010 / or visit the NU parking web site at: NU Parking Home Page

For technical issues while applying for parking online please call us at 617.373.HELP, or go to Get Help x4357 for a list of other ways you can get in touch with us to report an issue.

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Note: If you need help, contact the Help Desk at 617-373-4357