NU ResNet

Welcome the ResNet Registration Student Portal

Get on the Internet in your Northeastern-owned Residence Hall in three easy steps:

>> I forgot my password   
>> I'm a student and I need a myNortheastern account   
If you are not a student, please register using your guest account here.

To Register a New Device:

  1. Log in using your myNortheastern credentials
  2. Select "Register this device for ResNet Service"
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

To Register a Browserless Device:

You can now use this portal to register ethernet capable devices without built-in web browsers (like a XBox, TiVo).
  1. Login using your myNortheastern credentials
  2. Select "Register browserless device"
  3. Upload a picture of your device's ethernet address

Students may also bring their device to the ResNet Resource Center in Speare Commons for registration. They should bring all necessary power and video cables, as well as a remote of game controller.

The ResNet Registration Student Portal allows you to:

  • Register new devices for ResNet (browser based)
  • Re-register devices from previous years
  • View all current and historical registrations
  • Unregister devices (for ownership transfers, device failures, etc.)

For additional help, please read the Connection Kit, call the Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or visit to ResNet Resource Center.