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Welcome to myPAWS (My Personal Degree Audit Web System)

Congratulations on your admission to Northeastern University. Your audit will detail how advanced exam(s) and/or college course(s) transfer to fulfill degree requirements. All evaluations are completed by Northeastern faculty.

Please print a copy of this instructions page and refer to it when navigating the system.


  • Select "Submit a new audit" allow a few seconds. The screen will refresh once the degree audit is ready for review. Click the details button to view the audit.

  • The audit is major specific and shows how advanced exam(s) and/or college course(s) fulfill degree requirements.

  • The Audit will show:
    • All equivalent NU courses
    • In-progress college coursework
    • Course(s) and/or advanced exam(s) which require syllabus to complete the faculty review process (No-Rules, see below)
    • Your degree program requirements
    • Hours earned
    • Hours needed to complete your degree program
    • Links to the available NU courses that satisfy degree requirements
    • Concentrations available in your degree program

  • The details of your Audit:
    • No Rules
      Advanced exam(s) and/or college course(s) that have not been evaluated are listed as "No Rules". If you have "No Rules" listed, you must provide Northeastern with a current exam/course syllabus through our automated review system. (you will receive an email request to complete this process)
      • Note: All "No Rules" must be reconciled by your Orientation session to avoid registration conflicts.
      • Allow two weeks for faculty evaluators to review and determine transferability of advanced exam(s) and/or college course(s).

    • In Progress College Coursework
      Your in-progress college coursework will appear in myPAWS as "IP". You must submit official college transcript(s) to Northeastern as soon as grades are released for this coursework. This information should be sent to Northeastern University, Application Processing Center, P.O. Box 8210, Portsmouth, NH, 03802

    • Equivalent/Transferable college courses and/ or advanced exam(s)
      Advanced exam(s) and/or college course(s) that are evaluated and have an NU equivalent are listed in green type. The NU equivalent appears on the left, your transferable college course(s) and/ or advanced exam(s) appear on the right, with your institution(s) name listed.

Issues and Questions

Please review your audit carefully. If you have questions about your audit, or issues surrounding your transfer credit, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 617.373.2200 or via e-mail at

Please print this document for your records.

Once you are ready, you may access myPAWS here.